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Welcome to the Sutton Strings Guitar Shop! My mission is to provide exceptional instruments and personalized customer service. I am proud to be a small boutique shop and hope to gain your patronage.

Adam Bronstein - Owner, Sutton Strings Guitar Shop

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Why Purchase From Sutton Strings?

  1. Professional Personal Service From Owner, Adam Bronstein. Every Call, Every Email...
  2. Industry Leading Photos of Each and Every Guitar Done In-House.
  3. Our Guitars Experience No Shop Wear.
  4. Comprehensive Setup & Free Shipping Included.
  5. Competive Pricing.
  6. No Questions Asked 48-Hour Return Policy. The Best In The Business!

Client Testimonials

"I want to thank Sutton Strings for taking such care in their customer service. I was a little hesitant to call Sutton Strings as I am from California, and its always a little risky to get something as sensitive as a guitar from across the country. When I spoke to the staff at Sutton, I felt at ease when it came apparent that they know what they are doing. They answered every question I had about the specifics of my Maton EBG808 Artist. I couldn't stump them. When I saw the box in my office I was so excited to get my hands on the guitar. It was no surprise that Sutton used the best of packaging. I think they could have dropped the guitar from an airplane and it would have survived. The guitar was in immaculate condition. New strings, perfect Setup, conditioned fretboard, and very clean neck and body. Thanks so much to Sutton Strings. Don't change a thing and you have a customer for life. " - Nate - Orange County, CA


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