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Schertler Amps

Founded in the early 1980s with the purpose of total fidelity in the reproduction of sound of acoustic stringed instruments, SCHERTLER today produces unique and highly innovative systems to reach that goal. 

After nearly twenty years of passionate research and development, in an effort to provide alternatives to outdated and imperfect piezoelectric technology, SCHERTLER products are fast becoming the standard for live sound presentation. With products suitable for a wide variety of applications, from individual performers to entire orchestras, SCHERTLER systems are becoming the new reference point for amplified acoustic sound.

The original approach to harnessing acoustic vibrations has led SCHERTLER to the development of numerous worldwide patents, like for instance the LYDIA under-saddle sensor for guitar or the STAT product family for violin/viola, cello, and double bass. 

ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKERS AND AMPLIFIERS: With the first experience gained in the development of the PUB 280 Active Loudspeaker and PUB 380 Active Bass Extension, SCHERTLER today offers unique amplifiers (UNICO & DAVID as well as the DELUXE series) conceived for acoustic instruments. Visit “Amps & Speakers” on our webpage to discover more details.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, SCHERTLER products are gaining distribution and appreciation throughout the planet. Many world-renowned artistshave actually chosen our pick-ups and amplifiers.

Enter the world of SCHERTLER and discover the best solutions to amplify the TRUE sound of your acoustic instrument.


Schertler Unico Deluxe

Schertler Unico Deluxe... more...

List Price: $2,670.00
Sale Price: $2,136.00
On Sale!

Schertler David Deluxe

Schertler David Deluxe Acoustic Amplifier... more...

List Price: $2,139.00
Sale Price: $1,711.00
On Sale!

Schertler Jam 400 Wood Cabinet

Schertler Amplifiers Jam Series 400 watt amp. ... more...

List Price: $1,999.99
Sale Price: $1,599.99
On Sale!

Schertler Jam 150 Wood Cabinet

This amp rocks! Huge, natural sound and multiple channels.... more...

List Price: $1,250.00
Sale Price: $999.99
On Sale!

Schertler Jam 100 Wood Cabinet

SR Jam 100 in wood cabinet... more...

List Price: $999.99
Sale Price: $799.99
On Sale!

Schertler Powered Extension Speaker w/ Free Gig Bag

Schertler Amps 150 watt powered extension speaker... more...

List Price: $840.00
Sale Price: $699.00
On Sale!
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